Our Value-Added Solutions are designed to turn obstacles in your supply chain into opportunities for your business.

We understand that customers aren’t just looking for products. They want solutions that will materialize into cost savings and increased efficiencies for their business. That’s why we’ve developed a diverse set of Value-Added Solutions with a successful track record of helping companies improve their operations.


Integrated MRO Solutions

We offer customized MRO sourcing, long-tail supply chain management, and on¬site materials management.

Success Story:

A Fortune 500 customer was spending 40 percent of their procurement efforts sorting through endless lists of products from countless suppliers. Although many resources were dedicated to the purchasing process, there was little forecasting. As a result, 50 percent of their facility inventory remained untouched while inventory cycling occurred less than twice per year. The inefficiency resulted from one company having to choose OEMs, overseas manufacturers, local manufacturers, vertical distributors, agents, trading houses, and long tail suppliers.

WESCO China’s one-stop shop solutions, supported by our global database of 26,000 supplier partnerships, improved the customer’s supply chain efficiency, performance, and reliability. The customer benefits from cost savings related to multi­vendor management, labor, inventory, and product.



OEM Direct Material Solutions

As leaders in material solutions, we offer global sourcing and consolidation solutions, supply chain localization consultancy, production/small assembly services, and VMI/JIT deliveries.

Success Story:

A large healthcare technology customer needs to buy high mix, low volume, and long lead time products from hundreds of domestic and foreign suppliers. Productive vendor management was becoming a big challenge. WESCO China provides product sourcing, material management, and value-added services to reduce downtime and keep the customer’s business operating smoothly. With WESCO China’s advanced forecasting techniques and strategic supplier partnerships, the healthcare company was able to reallocate its time, energy and money to improve overall efficiency.



Data Communication Solutions

For more than 40 years, we’ve provided world-class data communication solutions including data center construction material acquisition, material and inventory management, integrated supply program, and on¬site installation.

Success Story:

From planning and design to maintenance and future mitigations, WESCO China is a key teammate in helping a Fortune 500 technology firm build its data communications center. The latest passive and active cooling technology optimizes the data center thermal environment. WESCO also provided virtualization strategies to keep costs in check and improve the bottom line. WESCO China has a track record of driving cost reductions, minimizing risk, improving operating inefficiencies, and maximizing capacity for the customer.



Oil and Gas Solutions

We’re able to meet the needs of oil and gas customers with large project management, total cost efficiency, and engineering support.

Success Story:

For an oil and gas company, managing facilities far across the country was difficult. Quality products needed to be identified and shipped to remote locations. WESCO China supplied the customer with customized raw materials and various products for construction, installation, maintenance and safety. Supplying products was only part of WESCO’s value-added services – products were transported in specialized trucks that ensured timely and safe arrival. The customer saved time and energy by supplying customized products such as steel tubes, switches, gears, and cables and decrease freight costs by providing a more efficient transportation system.