WESCO (Suzhou) Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 as a subsidiary of WESCO International. As an important operating branch of WESCO International, we are committed to providing our customers with comprehensive industrial and electrical products and services, and MRO, OEM, data communications, and oil and gas solutions.

WESCO China has established a global network of businesses, effectively creating safer, faster, and more efficient solutions for raw material supply, material management, and supply chain management.

WESCO China’s extensive sales operation – one that spans all around the globe – is supported by many internationally renowned manufacturers, as well as our dedicated sales and service personnel to help fulfill your business needs.

CFC Services

Leveraging our global network, we combine our product and service offerings, expertise, and supplier relationships into comprehensive supply chain management solutions for our customers and their operations around the world. Our goal is always to provide customers with a full range of products, services, and solutions that keep their business running in top form.

Our competitive advantage is how we bring value to our customer’s overall business. With our expertise in providing MRO and OEM products, combined with an extensive supplier list and talented employees, we uncover opportunities that directly impact our customer’s bottom line.

WESCO China Procurement Center (CPC)

The CPC Branch serves as the WESCO Asia purchasing office. This purchasing center provides global sourcing, purchasing, PO processing, AP, logistics, quality control, and total supply chain services for WESCO Interco Branches as CPC customers only. We are a one-stop shop service solution, offering a broad products sourcing pool for shipping consolidation and optimization (FCL and LCL).

WESCO CPC audits and approves suppliers, manages supplier payment terms, and processes PO to the supplier directly for prepayment service.

CPC Services

Supplier qualification, audit, approval, and continuous-monitoring programs
• Price and commodity negotiation management
• Credit and payment multi-currency management

Quality assurance and control
• First article, final, and in-process part inspection
• Robust proactive process engagement

Risk-managed WESCO Terms and Conditions and PLI Insurance
• EHS, NDA, and FCPA Compliance
• Legal dispute management

Logistics Control
• U.S. Harmonized Tariff Code Assurance
• WESCO-approved Freight Forwarders alignment
• Shipment consolidation for MOQ support

WESCO Distribution

Since 1922, WESCO has grown and transformed from a division of Westinghouse Electric into an industry-leading Fortune 500 supply chain solutions company. With nine distribution centers and roughly 500 branches worldwide, we are a global strategic partner who efficiently and consistently supports our customers’ operations, wherever they are located.

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