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WESCO China, one of the International Operating units of WESCO Distribution,Inc.,provides one of the most comprehensive product and service offering of any electrical supply company servicing the international market.WESCO International has established operations worldwide dedicated to providing material,
material management, and supply chain services to the industrial, OEM, and construction industries on a global basis.

WESCO China specializes in sourcing, negotiating,and delivering a wide range of maintenance, repair,and operating (MRO)
supplies. WESCO is staffed with experienced sales expeditors, and backed by the world’s leading manufacturers.

Servicing the China Market

WESCO China serves a broad base of industrial, construction, and utility customers
across many industries, including:

- Semi conductor
- Oil & gas
- Wind power
- Solar
- Automotive
- Petrochemical
- Power plants
- Offshore platforms
- Commercial development

WESCO China transacts business in multiple currencies backed by a global database
established base of over 24,000 suppliers. This enables WESCO China to locate standard
and non-standard items. The International Group has access to over 300,000 items on a daily basis from multiple WESCO distribution centers and over 400 Branch locations.

Global Supply Chain Solutions that Lower Total Cost Global Sourcing

- North American ANSI/NEMA standard
- European (IEC) and Canadian (CSA) standards
- Multi-currency
- Database of over 24,000 manufacturers
- CCC certification
- Electrical and non-electrical material

Project Coordination

- WESCO can provide product sourcing,expediting, product submittals and approvals, scheduling of deliveries to forwarder or export packer,preparation of export documentation,and reporting of shipping schedule status to customers on a regular basis
- WESCO provides a variety of services to the customer constructing a plant or working on any other large project
- WESCO interfaces with your traffic department, freight forwarder,and steamship company to ensure compliance with your schedule

Supply Chain Management

- Bonded and non-bonded warehouse
- In-country inventory
- Kitting and staging of foreign material
- Supply chain integrity/quality products
- China sourcing
- Import and export capabilities
- VAT, freight, and duty minimization and management
- Support customer's 'Asia Shift' strategy



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